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“The best thing since sliced bread”


“Perpetual bile for the terraced masses”

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One thought on “What’s in the Locker

  1. I’m interested in putting together a website of sports blogs/reports/research. My idea would be to combine a bunch of bloggers together onto one site. Most of the people would be part-time writers that would write about the playoffs or draft or preseason predictions of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, etc. I’m also interested in gathering together a few writers who would be more “full” time. I’m not interested in an article a day, but maybe a few a week kind of deal.

    Would you have an interest in this type of site? I checked out your site and it would be similar to that. We could even possibly have your articles off of your wordpress go to my site, if you’re interested. You could write an the same article for both sites, or possibly convert people to just go to my site after awhile for your posts. It is up to you.

    This idea would take place in another month or so, if you have an interest. Do you know of other sports-related bloggers?

    Travis Bishop

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