The Battle of the Haircuts

There are going to be some individual battles tonight, but is it more about the haircuts than the football?

The papers tomorrow will likely be filled with either pictures of Rooney’s interesting hair implants or Mario Balotelli’s single blonde streak up his head. Or maybe we’ll have Danny Welbeck’s, “Prince of Bel-Air” cut. It’s another example of, “I’m on serious money, therefore I can do what I want” syndrome. Below are some of the key battles that will shape the final Euro 2012 Quarter Final tonight, and it’s not just Balotelli making all of the noise.


Tonight’s game may come down to penalties, so make sure your hair is tied back Buffon, you could take a lesson from Joe Hart, try the “any direction but not in my eyes” look.


Rooney probably has had a few jealous thoughts over Pirlo’s ability to grow those long locks, but he sticks his tongue out in defiance and is focused on letting his “implants” and his football do the talking tonight. This will be a fascinating battle as these quality players go head to head.


Welbeck looks confident as he takes the “I’m G” haircut award with poor competition from Balotelli. His attempt at making his head look like a slug was creeping up on his face just doesn’t do it for me. “Why always me?” Well Mario, take a look in the mirror now and then and you might realise why! These two are hungry to get on the score sheet, and could be the deciding factor on who goes through and who goes home. This game is being brought up to the boil nicely, and is definitely more about the football than the haircuts, but just so you know, whatever the result, expect to see one of these fine haircuts when you’re eating your cereal on Monday morning.

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