Euro 2012: Top 10 WAGs

The Euros are off and underway and the players are turning in some fine performances on the pitch already. An international tournament is nothing without the appearance of the WAGs however, cast your minds back to 2006 when the English wives stole the show with their antics in Baden-Baden. So who’s been catching the eye in the stands this time around?

10. Claudine Keane – Robbie Keane – Ireland’s leading striker is used to find the back of the net on regular occasions and he’s certainly scored here. Mr and Mrs Keane are currently loving life in LA as a glamorous couple, having joined the Galaxy last year. Now who does that remind you of?

9. Aida Yespica – Mesut Ozil – Yespica and Ozil’s relationship is the perfect example of the way footballers can attract literally anyone. Despite offering more than a passing resemblance to Gollum, Ozil has still bagged himself this Venezuelan beauty.

8. Alena Seredova – Gianluigi Buffon – You can only be jealous of a man like Buffon. Not only is he the captain of Italy, devilishly handsome and the most expensive goalkeeper of all time, but he is also married to Alena, a stunning Czech model. Some people have all the luck.

7. Kayla Collins – Ashley Cole – Ashley Cole has lost his touch somewhat recently. In fact, he’s now third behind Ryan Giggs and John Terry in the race for ‘football’s biggest love rat.’ This might something to do with the fact that he’s now dating Kayla Collins. Whether she’s better than Cheryl or not, you decide.

6. Yolanthe Sneijder Cabau – Wesley Sneijder – The Dutch version of FHM has voted Mrs Sneijder as their sexiest women three times, so perhaps going bald in your early 20’s isn’t so bad after all. She’s also an actress and a television host, starring in the Dutch equivalent to Footballers’ Wives. Maybe her looks are better than her acting then…

5. Sarah Brandner – Bastian Schweinsteiger – Brandner is often seen in the stands wearing a German shirt cheering on her beloved. Let’s just say she’s the best thing to ever wear a German shirt.

4. Sidoni Biemont – Adil Rami – You’ve got to hand it to Mr Rami, he certainly knows how to pick them. This French sizzler certainly sets the heart racing, even more so than Rami’s dodgy defending!

3. Shakira – Gerard Pique – What could be better than being a World Cup Winner and a member of one of the greatest club teams of all time? Well, dating one of the world’s most famous female singers for a start. Shakira and Pique started seeing each other in 2011 after meeting at the 2010 World Cup. Not a bad tournament all round then eh Gerard?

2. Sylvie Van Der Vaart – Rafael Van Der Vaart – You can’t make a WAGs list without featuring Sylvie somewhere in the article. Her and Rafa are often described as the ‘new Beckhams.’ In other words, they live a normal life and aren’t caught cheating every other week.

1. Irina Shayk – Cristiano Ronaldo – Moments like these make you love Lionel Messi even more. Because if it wasn’t for him, Ronaldo would have literally everything in the world. Irina Shayk isn’t bad for starters; her modelling CV is longer than John Terry’s ‘teammates wives who I’ve bedded’ list. The only redeeming feature is that she’s sure to be on the market soon given Ronaldo’s reputation for short relationships.

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