10 things we learnt from England vs. Ukraine

1. Two yards or twenty yards, they all count and Rooney’s header looks mighty pretty at the moment from where I’m sitting.

2. Who needs goal line technology…?

3. Steven Gerrard is Captain Magnificent. Three assists in three games and producing arguably his best form in an England shirt since that famous night in Munich.

4. England need Rooney to show far more next Sunday than he did tonight. By his standards, his finishing was fairly woeful and his link-up play poor. But he scored the winner, so forgive and forget eh!

5. In the respective matches, the French were the better side, the Swedes were the better side and the Ukrainians were the better side. Yet England ended up as group winners. Go fathom.

6. For all his huffing and puffing, James Milner just hasn’t performed to a level required for international football. England have Walcott or Oxlade-Chamberlain chomping at the bit on the bench offering far better attacking options. Unleash!

7. The England defence looked far more stretched than at any other point in the tournament. Joe Hart made a couple of terrific stops to keep the Three Lions in the game.

8. If England give Andrea Pirlo as much time and space in midfield as the Ukrainians got, he will pick them apart. Shut them down higher up the pitch, not just outside the penalty area.

9. You can criticise John Terry all you like, but he is the master of last-ditch defending. Defines the phrase ‘body on the line.’

10. The Italians are certainly beatable. For the first time in the tournament, BELIEVE!

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