Are people mistaking Euro 2012 for Eurovision Song Contest?

Roy Keane has always been controversial, his red mist moments are dotted throughout his career with the most intense being with Alan Shearer and Patrick Vieira. He may be hot headed, but is this just not a sign of his raw passion for the sport he loves?

After speaking out against the Irish team for giving “daft goals away” and that some of the players “never turned up”, you can’t question Keane’s honesty about the country he turned his back on in the Spring of 2002. There is a definite divide between those who agree and those who disagree with his comments. As a Leeds United fan, it’s easy to see why you wouldn’t like Roy Keane. A Manchester United captain, the leader of the team you most hate and then, ending Alfie Haaland’s career with a sickening challenge, he is clearly not a person to mess with.

A tough night for the boys in Green

However if you ignore his footballing career and take his punditry as if it was talk from you average John Brown, about recent EURO 2012 matches, I think you would completely agree with his opinion regarding Ireland’s performance against Spain. His words have been slightly twisted and Trapattoni seems to have got the wrong end of the stick. Roy Keane’s point was not that the fans shouldn’t be singing, but the attitude perceived from the other nations towards the Irish team needs to be changed. He wants them to be taken seriously, and not just to be a team going along for the “sing song”. Is that not what every Irish man wants? He also mentioned that the Irish fans will be hurting from the loss even though they appear to be having the craic. Roy Keane was simply discussing how he felt, the goals Ireland gave away were sloppy, and in his opinion, some of the players did not rise to the occasion. Plenty are saying who is he to judge? Well, he was the lost Irishman to lead an English side to a treble. Roy Keane might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he provides plenty of straight talking punditry that will always be controversial.

Not everyone will agree with it, but Roy Keane’s rant was refreshing, his point was the players have to rise to the level of the brilliant Irish fans, to make the country be feared by other countries, and not thinking it’s party time when you see Ireland are your next match. Some people having a go at Roy Keane might want reminding this is a football competition and the Eurovision song contest was last month.

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