10 Things we learnt from England vs. France

1. Despite the obvious disappointment of conceding an equaliser, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t have taken a 1-1 draw before kick off…

2. Drawing with France means England are undoubtedly going to win the competition now? Isn’t that what a journalist is meant to say?

3. England look superbly organised at the back. The French showed no signs of really tearing them apart and resorted to shots from range. Which worked instead of course.

4. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain showed superb composure for a man (or should I say child) of his age. Glimpses in attack, but held his defensive position extremely well also.

5. The Welbeck and Young combination had a few ‘nearly’ moments. Promising signs for the next couple of weeks.

6. The two best players for the respective sides came on the right flanks. Glen Johnson was excellent, silencing the critics who question his defensive abilities while France’s Mathieu Debuchy was easily the best player on the pitch.

7. We spent all season complaining about foreign refs who blow up at the slightest bit of contact and now we complain when one doesn’t. Wish it had been the same for both sides though.

8. To blame Joe Hart for that goal is slightly unfair. It came through a crowd of players and it seems he was unsighted. We’re just used to his exceptionally high standards. We always have Rob Green in reserve of course…

9. Although Gerrard and Parker ran themselves into the ground, they’re just playing too deep. England need Gerrard bursting through the middle. He’s far less effective as a deep-lying playmaker.

10. In conclusion, this was just a typical opening game. Cagey, pretty dull and a perfectly acceptable result. Bring on Sweden.

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