Diving – Even Tom Daley Would Be Proud

Ashley Young is strutting his stuff, playing for one of the biggest football clubs in the world, and he takes a little tumble against QPR that got everyone talking. Andy Carroll the two weeks before was on the receiving end of a good refereeing decision, where he got booked for a shockingly bad dive. But Young continues on, and it seems that the F.A have chosen to ignore Savage’s statement on MOTD2, accusing him of cheating. I am not a massive Savage fan, but when he said that, it was a real breath of fresh air. He actually said something that supporters say week in, week out on the terraces of footballing clubs nationwide. He accused Ashley Young of not just diving, but cheating. Now if the F.A have turned a blind eye to this then surely Savage has to be warned of false accusations.

Football at its best, is up there for one of the most exciting sporting spectacles on the planet. At its worst, it is one of the most embarrassing and laughable. The best team in the world, Barcelona, have some of the most skillful players, Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, the list goes on, but they are one of the hardest teams to watch in my opinion, just look at this.

Gary Neville made the point defending diving by saying, “We live in a multi-cultural society far more open to international ideas.” Well Gary if that’s what you call it, then surely that’s a good enough excuse to leave the E.U, but maybe that’s just Neville trying to calm the storm. The game has changed so much over the past 20 years, we have seen ticket prices rocket, forcing the working class out of the stands and crunching tackles from Vinnie Jones and the likes have been quashed, replaced by what you can only call “cry baby footballers”. Apparently the excuse for this is lowering the risk of injury, by jumping over the ball you miss the leg,… okay…that bit is understood, but why then, the wincing look on the victims face followed by 5 rolley poleys on the floor, then having the game stopped for the player to return to the field in a matter of seconds. However, we have seen some horrendous tackles over the years resulting in some terrible injuries, Eduardo, Smith etc. So we know footballers can get the rough end of the stick, but it makes you question the players honesty when they roll around, clutching their shin, suggesting a broken leg, and then sprinting back on to defend a corner.

The traditional football supporter will celebrate a player putting his body on the line nearly as much as he will celebrate a goal. Fans and managers alike can see the players diving. Do the Managers promote this form of cheating? We will probably never know. Robbie Savage has admitted to diving and is truly embarrassed, but it comes down to the F.A taking tougher sanctions on the accused. Unfortunately the F.A turn a blind eye to pretty much anything if it has the chance of ruining their massive business, and that’s where some believe the problem lies. Football is now run by business men, as long as money is being generated then why change the plan. Diving is part of a game which is turning over billions of pounds each year. Unfortunately money is the key factor here, so until that changes and someone confronts the problem, Robbie Savage and the likes will just have to bite their tongue.

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