Top 10 Penalties that never landed

Another contribution from Unibet, this time featuring the best penalties that never landed. Believe it or not, Sergio Ramos’ spot-kick against Bayern isn’t the first to go into orbit.

1. Sergio Ramos, 2012

The Real right-back shanks his penalty high, wide and not very handsome against Bayern. Oops.

Made even funnier by Jose Mourinho’s reaction.

2. Roberto Baggio, 1994

The most famous penalty miss of all time? Possibly. The Devine Ponytail hands Brazil the 1994 World Cup with this miss, then hangs his head in shame.

3. Jaap Stam, 2000

In Holland, a skied penalty is now referred to as a ‘Jaap Stam’ after this howler against Italy in Euro 2000.

4. David Beckham, 2004

Wasn’t long before an England player featured on this list, obviously. First one is D-Becks for this slicer against Portugal.

5. Charlie Adam, 2012

Ah Charlie, lighting up the Carling Cup final with this shoot-out miss in 2012 against Cardiff. The Reds still went on to win.

To see the rest of this cracking list, please visit:

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