10 Things the Premiership taught us this week

  1. Stiliyan Petrov is one brave man. Turning up to Villa Park on Saturday must have taken some doing. Get well soon Stan.
  1. Anyone but Kenny Dalglish would be out of a job right now. Shocking, shocking season for Liverpool.
  1. Newcastle on the other hand can’t be praised enough. Pardew has pulled another rabbit out of the hat signing Cisse.
  1. The title will head to Old Trafford.
  1. Manchester United seemed to have cloned Edwin Van Der Sar and dressed him up as David De Gea. Improved beyond all recognition.
  1. Brendan Rodgers could be manager of the season. Interesting to see what he’ll do if Spurs offer him a job.
  1. Manchester City will never win the title unless they reduce the egos in that team. Seeing Mancini shake his head at Balotelli and Kolorov fighting over the free kick was a pitying sight.
  1. Fernando Torres looks a different player under Di Matteo. Give him the job on that basis alone!
  1. Replacing Mick McCarthy with Terry Connor is possibly the worst boardroom decision ever taken in the Premier League. See ya later Wolves.
  1. Antonio Valencia’s right foot. Just wow.

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