Top 10 Bizarre Injuries

Manchester City are quickly dropping out of the title race and matters haven’t been helped by the enforced absence of star striker Sergio Aguero. The Argentinean forward is missing through injury, but the club won’t disclose the cause of the problem, merely describing it as ‘stupid,’ though Roberto Mancini has admitted a pain-killing spray just made it worse. The Mirror suggested Aguero suffered the injury riding his three-year-old’s motorbike, while other sources reported he fell off the team coach. The mystery continues, so send in your best answers on a postcard. In the meantime though, here are the Top 10 most bizarre injuries:

  1. Dave Beasant – Beasant had an illustrious career, making 774 professional appearances, during which he became the first man to save a penalty during Wimbledon’s 1989 FA Cup final over Liverpool. However, Dave suffered an unusual foot injury during the 1993 season. Normally known for his safe hands between the posts, Beasant was ruled out when a jar of salad cream landed on his foot…after he dropped it.
  1. Perry Groves –Groves was a pacy winger who turned out for Arsenal between 1986 and 1992. Groves was often used as a substitute during his time at the club though, a painful experience in more than one way for him. One time Arsenal scored an equalising goal, Groves went up so enthusiastically, he smashed his head on the roof of the dugout, knocking himself out in the process. If only he was so good heading the ball…
  1. Darius Vassell – Vassell was a decent forward in his time, scoring six goals for England in 22 appearances, though fans will always remember him for missing a penalty in the Euro 2004 quarter final shoot-out against Portugal. During his spell with Aston Villa in 2003, Vassell discovered a large blood-blister under his big toenail. Instead of asking the club doctor to sort it out, Vassell embarked on a bit of medical D.I.Y, using a power drill to bore through the nail and pop the said blister. Although this is an acceptable practice in the medical world and Vassell did in fact remove the blister successfully, he also suffered a nasty infection that ruled him out of Villa’s next game.
  1. Shaun Goater – ‘Feed the Goat and he will score’ was the chant that reverberated round Maine Road during Goater’s legendary spell at Manchester City. More often than not, this proved to be the case as well, indeed the Bermudian target man bagged 101 goals in 184 games for the Blues. However, in 2003, it was celebrating someone else’s goal that got Goater into a spot of bother. During a crucial game with Birmingham, Nicholas Anelka scored a goal and went off to celebrate. Goater joined him, rather too excitedly, and kicked an advertising board on the side of the pitch. He was promptly substituted, not for his aggressive behaviour, but because he’d hurt his foot so badly.
  1. Alan Wright – The pint-sized left back enjoyed a career at the top level of the game without ever really achieving any serious honours. However, this career was enough to line Wright’s pockets, enough anyway to ensure he could afford a new Ferrari. However, in one of life’s cruel ironies, Wright ruled himself out for a couple of weeks after straining his knee. Reaching for the accelerator in his new flashy motor. Try a Mini for size next time Alan.
  1. Darren Barnard – Barnard was a club stalwart at Barnsley, making 201 appearances during his time at the club. However, it could have been even more than that had it not been for a five month spell on the sidelines after Barnard suffered knee ligament damage. The cause of such pain? Barnard slipped in a puddle of his untrained puppy’s urine on the kitchen floor. Rumours are unconfirmed that his manager said afterwards: ‘You’re taking the piss’…
  1. Richard Wright – Although Wright competes with Francis Jeffers for the title of Arsene Wenger’s worst ever signing, he still managed to win two England caps. However, we’re more impressed that he manages not one appearance on this list, but TWO. Not content with missing a couple of weeks after falling out of his loft in 2002, Wright missed an FA Cup clash with Chelsea in 2005 after twisting his ankle in the warm up. Sympathy is limited though, given that Wright suffered the injury after tripping over a sign in the goalmouth warning players not to warm up in that area. Signs are there for a reason Richard…
  1. Kirk Broadfoot – The Scottish international may not be having the best of times with Rangers currently, but the right back has enjoyed plenty of success during his career at Ibrox. However, he wasn’t so lucky in 2009 when he was rushed to hospital after badly scalding his cheek. Broadfoot was poaching an egg in the microwave when it exploded as he opened the door, burning his face with hot yolk. I think it’s fair to say he was left with egg on his face…
  1. Svein Grondalen – Never heard of him? Fair enough. The Norwegian isn’t exactly your David Beckham type of global superstar, but mention bizarre injuries, and Grondalen suddenly becomes the Lionel Messi of football. The player had to withdraw from the Norwegian international squad in 1977 after an unfortunate collision during a routine jog. With a moose.
  1. David Batty – The tough-tackling central midfielder was a real battle-axe of a player, always refusing to be beaten on the pitch. Batty never let injuries get the better of him, but he suffered ankle ligament damage after being run over once. This was no hit-and-run incident though; indeed Batty was pole-axed by his three-year-old daughter on her tricycle. Pity she didn’t do it before that penalty shootout with Argentina…

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