10 Things the Premiership taught us this week

  1. Even though it wasn’t in the Premier League, #prayforMuamba. Puts football into perspective really.
  1. FA Cup weekends never make great viewing on Match of the Day…
  1. Gylfi Sigurdsson was some signing by Brendan Rodgers. 5 in 9 for the Swans now. Heading for Europe?
  1. The Demba-Demba combination for Newcastle has the potential to be one of the most effective (and best value) strikeforces in the Premier League.
  1. Wolves and Wigan deserve to be in the Championship. Make room for some real clubs please.
  1. Only Manchester United can produce an ‘adequate’ performance and win 5-0. Title heading back to Old Trafford.
  1. Paul Scholes is the master of the midfield. 96 completed passes of 98 with a 97.96% accuracy rating. England please.
  1. Jonny Howson may have moved from Leeds to the Premiership with Norwich, but he apparently still thinks he’s playing rugby. Ball goes under the bar kid.
  1. As the Toon Army are still fifth, we still await a Newcastle collapse. Mike Ashley is leaving it late this season. Must have something special up his sleeve.
  1. Terry Connor has no chance at Wolves. Squad low on confidence, revolting fans and clueless board. Can only feel sorry for the bloke.

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