NFL Quickflash – Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions

Stadium (Capacity): Ford Field (65,000)

Division: NFC North

Superbowl Wins (Appearances): 0 (0)

Playoff Appearances: 15

Division Championships: 4

Famous Players: Dick Lane, Joe Schmidt, Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson

Football Equivalent: Newcastle United – achieving beyond what is expected of them

Fun Fact: Detroit Lions have the record for the most double-digit losing seasons (i.e. 10+ losses in the regular season) with 21, including six consecutive seasons in which they finished with 6 or fewer wins (2001-2006). Nevertheless, Detroit have managed to achieve eight double-digit winning seasons in what is widely regarded as one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. One of the Lions’ best seasons came after Marvin Gaye had spent the summer of 1970 training with the team – perhaps Jim Schwartz should get on the phone to Eminem or Big Sean if he wants to replicate last season’s 10-6 record which saw them secure a wildcard playoff berth.

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