10 Things the Premiership taught us this week

  1. Like him or not, Manchester City need Carlos Tevez. But please, only till the end of the season.
  1. Two words Sepp Blatter. GOALLINE BLOODY TECHNOLOGY. OK, that’s three but you get my drift.
  1. David Moyes is Harry Redknapp’s obvious successor. If Redknapp even gets the England job now.
  1. Liverpool are no better under Kenny Dalglish than Roy Hodgson. Stop kidding yourselves.
  1. QPR are no better under Mark Hughes than Neil Warnock. Does changing a manager really work?
  1. Certainly not in Wolves’ case. Well played Steve Morgan and the board. You’ve doomed your team to Championship football.
  1. Didier Drobga may be ancient these days, but he’s still Chelsea’s most important player. Give him that new two year deal immediately.
  1. Brendan Rodgers is a terrific manager. And Swansea are a a terrific team. Credit to Welsh football.
  1. Fulham are more inconsistent than a Tiger Woods relationship.
  1. Manchester United will win the Premier League this season. #justsaying.

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