NFL Quickflash – Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Stadium (Capacity): CenturyLink Field (67,000)

Division: NFC West

Superbowl Wins (Appearances): 0 (1)

Playoff Appearances: 11

Division Championships: 7

Famous Players: Steve Largent, Cortez Kennedy, Matt Hasselbeck, Shaun Alexander

Football Equivalent: Aston Villa – Consistently mediocre

Fun Fact: In 2010, the Seahawks became the first team to qualify for the playoffs with a losing record (7-9). To make matters worse, only two of the Seahawks’ victories came against teams with a winning record (San Diego Chargers and Chicago Bears) and they clinched their playoff berth as winners of the worst division in the 2010 NFL season. In spite of this, the Seahawks triumphed in their Wildcard playoff match against the New Orleans Saints following a phenomenal 67-yard touchdown run by Marshawn Lynch (, which saw the running back scythe through the Saints’ defence, ploughing through seven defenders on his way to the endzone. Living up to their reputation, Seattle’s famous 12th man (sorry Texas A&M) literally sent shockwaves through the stadium and the local area, with the tremors registering at 2.0 on the Richter scale. The Seahawks subsequently lost 35-24 to the Chicago Bears in the NFC Divisional Round of the playoffs despite a valiant effort at a comeback in which Matt Hasselbeck threw three touchdown passes in the final quarter.

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