Football's Top 10 Love Rats

Although Valentine’s Day has been and gone, there are some in the world of football who don’t quite understand the romance and passion of love. There are some naughty boys out there who won’t have experienced the joys of February the 14th, thanks to their extra-marital behaviours. In recognition of the day of love, here is the list of Football’s Top 10 Love Rats:

  1. Ryan Giggs – Good old Giggsy. The darling of Old Trafford, the legend of Wales. The wizard of the dribble once had a squeaky clean image that made him a role model for all involved in the beautiful game. Alas, that all came undone last May after the injunction about a scandal surrounding a Premiership footballer’s affair was lifted. Giggs was named and shamed, confessing to a relationship with former Big Brother star Imogen Thomas. Things got worse from there however, as it turned out Ryan had embarked on an eight year affair with his brother’s wife, Natasha. How the mighty fall…
  1. John Terry – Probably the most infamous of them all. The lovely Mr Terry essentially ruined England’s World Cup chances in 2010 after it was revealed the skipper had been having it off with former Chelsea teammate Wayne Bridge’s missus, Vanessa Perroncel. Bridge promptly retired from international football and refused to ever speak to Terry again, snubbing his handshake when his Manchester City side met Chelsea. Terry ruined all morale within the England camp and savaged his reputation. Has now moved on from cheating to racism. All in a day’s work for football’s Mr Nice Guy.
  1. Paul Terry – There’s one nasty family gene going around the Terry household, as brother Paul decided to go one further than little bro. It turned out Terry had an affair with the fiancée of Rushden and Diamonds teammate Dale Roberts, who tragically committed suicide afterwards. Terry had to move clubs afterwards as everyone refused to play with him. Bet the Terry family Christmas meals are a pleasant soirée…
  1. Ashley Cole – Good old ‘Cashley’ was married to possibly Britain’s hottest woman in Cheryl Tweedy, and the Geordie was the darling of the nation thanks to her appearances on X-Factor as a judge. This didn’t stop the Chelsea left-back however, who first sent rather rude pictures to other girls off his phone, before bedding a number of other ladies, including one in the Chelsea team hotel. And yet Cheryl still wants him back?
  1. Sven Goran Eriksson – Remember the Bell and Spurling song? ‘Sven, Sven, Sven. Sven Goran Eriksson. He’s a lovely geezer…’ and all the rest. Errr well apparently not. The charming Swede talked his way into bed with firstly Ulrika Jonsson not long into his spell as England manager, before entering into extra-marital relations with FA secretary Faria Alam. All that whilst he still had Nancy Dell’Olio hanging off his arm. Sven, you sly dog.
  1. George Best – A legend for his antics, not just on the pitch, but off it as well. Best enjoyed a pulsating career at the top and took womanising to a whole new level. Despite being married twice, Best was once asked whether he’d slept with seven Miss Worlds. “It was only three or four,” he replied “I didn’t turn up for the other three.”
  1. Wayne Rooney – We all know about Rooney and ‘Grannygate,’ but to be fair that was a long time ago and in the early stages of his relationship with Coleen. But then came Jenny Thompson, the prostitute who Rooney decided to bed in 2010. Rooney is alleged to have slept with her on seven occasions, including during a period when Coleen was pregnant with their first child, Kai. It’s more remarkable that there are two women in this world who would have sex with Wayne Rooney!
  1. Peter Crouch – Although Crouch once famously said he would be a virgin if it wasn’t for football; it seems that he’s taking full advantage of his fame. Despite having a gorgeous wife in Abbey Clancy, Crouch paid for a trip to an air-hostess’s bedroom whilst on a team bonding trip to Dubai. He is also guilty of having an affair with a 19-year-old prostitute in Madrid, who cost £800 a night. Come on Abbey, you can do so much better!
  1. David Beckham – Did he? Didn’t he? No-one is 100% sure whether Beckham did the dirty on Posh back in 2004 with Rebecca Loos. Although it is yet to be officially confirmed, Loos revealed all about her fling with Becks and the crisis she caused in the world’s most famous marriage. All we know, Beckham is still the most popular man on the planet and him and Victoria now have four children together, whilst enjoying their celebrity status in LA. While Rebecca Loos tugged off a pig on Celebrity Farm…
  1. Franck Ribery – The French star landed himself in hot water two years ago, not just by having an affair, but allegedly with an under-age Algerian prostitute. Ribery and France teammates Karim Benzema and Sidney Govou flew the young Moroccan to a German hotel, where they paid £2000 for her services. Silly silly boys.

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