Too Fat To Play Football?

In some sports, it is not particularly unusual to see a player not at the peak of physical fitness. Take Darts for instance. In modern day football however, it is expected that players will be fit enough to run for 90 minutes and treat their bodies well. One player who has consistently bucked the trend is Adebayo Akinfenwa who notched his 100th career goal in December.

Adebayo Akinfenwa of Northampton Town poses after he had scored his 100th career goal when scoring his sides goal against Crewe Alexandra on December 10, during a photo shoot at Sixfields Stadium on December 12, 2011 in Northampton, England.

Despite only being 5 ft 11, he clocks in at a rather debateable 13stone 7 pounds. This may be largely due to the broken jaw he suffered earlier in the season preventing him from chowing down on pie after pie.

Believe it or not, he is also the strongest player on Fifa 12, though it would be nearly impossible for the average man to move the man mountain himself. It is also questionable how a player so massive is able to play football. The answer can be summed up with the following quote from a Bristol Rovers forum. ” Akinfenwa doesn’t get knackered because he hardly runs around. There are players that are naturally large and there are fat and lazy players. He’s fat and lazy. If he bothered to get himself properly fit he’d be a menace higher up the leagues.” There is no denying the fact that he is on the large size. Having taken a keen interest in the striker largely due to his weight, I have noticed that his awareness and first touch are so good that they would not look out of place in the Championship. Dimitar Berbatov has been described as the master of walking football. Perhaps Akinfenwa could be seen as the lower league equivalent.

Northampton fans are unlikely to be bothered with the striker’s weight as long as he can keep up his fantastic goal scoring ratio for the Cobblers. He has scored a whopping 45 goals in 105 games. However, new Cobblers manager Aidy Boothroyd has dropped Akinfenwa from the First Team and is rumoured to be moving the striker on due to his large wages (and probably the costs of keeping him fed and happy). Keep a keen eye on where the striker moves this January, as he could potentially make the step up to League 1.

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