The Top 10 Footballing Dives

It is a mighty shame that our great game is being tarred by diving. Foreign players, most notably those from Spain and Italy often use simulation to win free kicks or penalties and it something we want to see eradicated as soon as possible. However, some efforts are so ridiculous, even Tom Daley would be impressed, so here are the Top 10 worst dives:

Superman takes another leap of faith

1. Morten Gamst Pedersen –

Ok, so Blackburn need all they help they can get when playing Arsenal but I think Mr Pedersen was pushing his luck rather with this effort. He even had the cheek to appeal.

Tom Daley Rating: 10/10


2. Rivaldo –

Brazil faced Turkey in the 2002 World Cup when Rivaldo went down clutching his face by the corner flag. Had he struck by a missile from those notoriously vicious Turkish fans? No, someone had kicked the ball at his leg.

Tom Daley Rating: 8/10


3. Bryan Carrasco –

This one deserves inclusion for ingenuity. Not only does the Chilean player writhe around in agony, he also gets his opponent to punch him in the face. Diving taken to a whole new level.

Tom Daley Rating: 6/10


4. Dida –

Dida has a history of the old histrionics and whilst no-one likes to see fans running on the pitch, the Brazilian goalkeeper conjured up a fantastic effort here. Never mind an Olympic medal, this deserved an Oscar.

Tom Daley Rating: 10/10

5. Kyle Lafferty –

A coming together of heads between Charlie Mulgrew and Kyle Lafferty saw the Northern Irish man hit the deck in a rather dramatic fashion. Replays deduced there was absolutely no contact between the players whatsoever. Bet Mulgrew wishes he’d properly headbutted him now.

Tom Daley Rating: 9/10

6. Rodrigo Nunes de Sa –

Referees are the ones handing out the punishment for footballer’s embarrassing tumbles in the box, but this official in the Brazilian 4th Division decided to take a fall after a less-than aggressive clash with a player. Yellow card to you Mr Nunes de Sa.

Tom Daley Rating: 7/10

7. Steven Taylor –

During a Premiership match against Aston Villa, Steven Taylor appears to take a bullet in the leg from an unknown sniper on the roof. A football assassination? No, Taylorhas just handled the ball to prevent it from going in and tries to convince the ref that this is not the case. No-one is amused. Red card and a red face for the defender.

Tom Daley Rating: 10/10

8. Cesc Fabregas –

Arsenal have had a few in their time, indeed Henry and Pires don’t exactly boast clean records when it comes to fair play, but typically it’s a Spaniard who produces the worst effort. Fabregas won a free kick for kicking himself in the leg much to Mikel Arteta’s bemusement. Just shows the extraordinary lengths some players will go to.

Tom Daley Rating: 5/10


9. Cristiano Ronaldo –

Not one specific incident, but too many to count. Ronaldo is probably the King of the Dive, indeed YouTube features many a video of Ronaldo’s school of playacting. The one I have selected offers some excellent choices, a personal favourite being ‘The Superman’.

Tom Daley Rating: 8/10


10. Jens Lehmann /Didier Drogba –

Arsenal Chelsea clashes always get a bit tasty being a London derby, but this particular one got a bit pathetic. Drogba is a big physical presence in the opposition box, whilst Jens isn’t exactly small either, so to see the pair of them writhing around in agony for no reason whatsoever was rather amusing.

Tom Daley Rating: 7/10

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