Footballing Doppelgangers

Everyone has a doppelganger, even those…Oh this needs no witty introduction. It’s just 10 footballing lookalikes:

1. Fernando Torres and Bruno

I can’t decide who looks camper, but Bruno is definitely better at scoring

2. David Luiz and Sideshow Bob

Luiz has been terrible recently, perhaps his mind is far away, plotting revenge on Bart Simpson

3. Dimitar Berbatov and Andy Garcia

Both have been horribly robbed, Andy Garcia in Oceans 11 of his money and Berbatov of his talent at Manchester United

4. Fabio/Rafael and Fatima Whitbread



5. Mesut Ozil and Gollum

Rumour has it Mourinho calls Ozil my precious

6. David Seaman and the Pringles Man

Cracking Movembers Lads

7. Ian Rush and the Chuckle Brothers

To me, to you. Looks like Barry has another Chucklebrother

8. Luke Chadwick and Plug from the Beano

Shall we say, ‘comical’

9. Bob Bradley and Lord Voldemort

Im sure Shane Warne can lend you some hair-grow boys

10. Diego Milito and Rambo

One is a big powerful strapping striker, and the other is Diego Milito

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